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                                   - No Surprises, No excuses.
We pride ourselves in being responsive, approachable and truly care about our client’s success. Each Team member has the ability to evaluate and resolve your IT situation quickly. 

We research the latest and greatest ISP offerings available to you. Working 

alongside cabling vendors, electricians, etc to design both your wired and WIFI infrastructure.

Desktop & Laptop

Whether your business requires on-sight, cloud based storage or a 

combination of both, we do the legwork to provide the most secure and cost effective options available to you and your business. 

Our Team are expert at both software and hardware issues as they relate to 

desktop/laptop support. More often than not, most software issues can be resolved quickly and effectively via a remote connection into your system. 

Disaster Recovery

Network and Data security are hot button topics these days. Threats to both are 

non-stop and complex. You need a Team to stay up to date on the latest protections. Most importantly, you need to protect your work product (Data) from being stolen or compromised. We work with each client to develop a Disaster plan that helps minimize down-time and protect your data from outside attacks. 

No matter how careful you are…things happen. Equipment disappears, disks

crash, natural/manmade disasters occur and let’s not forget human error. With the right strategy in place, none of these events need to cause concern. At TechTeam2Go, we provide disaster recovery solutions that ensure you can always access key information—no matter what!

We support a wide range of Windows and Macintosh based servers. In fact, we 

custom build Windows based servers for commercial use for many of our clients. 

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